something so cool, it's out of this world
"hey you know that girl Abbey Williams?"
"yeah, she's hot shit!"
by nofeelins December 23, 2009
IN BRIEF: bullets, especially if their hollow points or shotgun shells.
NOTE: Hot Shit derives on the fact that the feeling of a bullet when shot in someone, once discharged, is hot and can do damage.
by Mr. Terrence L. Trezvant February 22, 2008
a slang term for semen, coined because a) semen has an extremely warm temperature upon ejaculation b) semen is emitted in response to the physically attractive or "hot."

while not technically shit, semen is still an excretory substance. the only difference is that people are more willing to have semen on their bed than feces.
"Jennifer didn't even hesitate to lick my hot shit off her luscious lips."
by JohnnyLurg April 18, 2012
1.An anal expulsion that is at least above 100 degrees.
Pauly:Dude i just had a dump that felt like it was at least 100 degrees.

Jimbo:Oh you mean a hot shit?



Franklen:So you think your hot shit just because you can stick it in a girls ass like five times and I can only use my hand?

Raulenstien:Dude gross.
by dutchmenred November 17, 2009
Often placed all over one's chest in an expression of joy over an exceptional event.
man wins lottery: "Oh, hot shit all over my chest"
by Harry Johnson II October 02, 2005
one who thinks they are the greatest person alive (usually male)
You aint no hot shit, but you deserve a reward.
by Light Joker April 10, 2005
The "Best". Similar to The Shit.

"Hot Shit" and "The Shit" both originated as inner-city terms to describe high-quality people, women, items or drug substances. IE, "this joint is HOT Shit."

The terms Hot Shit and The Shit are both very interesting oxymorons. The amusing part of it is that without "Hot" or "The", an entirely different meaning applies. For example: His shirt is "shit" = an ugly, crap shirt. -VERSES- His shirt is "hot shit" = a kick-ass, awesome shirt. The words "hot" and "the" denote the superiority.
Allison - "Hey, Afton, where did you get that Hot Shit T-Shirt with that nasty-cool "Fuck The World, I Eat My Sister" artwork on it?"

Afton - "What? Don't you know, Allison? Everybody who's rude-cool and halfway-hip gets their t-shirts at "World Famous" Evan Steel's!"
by Evan Steel ( October 28, 2009

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