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When a guy has an untreated STD(s) and gives it to others through unprotected sex.
Ew! You had sex with Travis? He has a hot dick. You better get yourself tested.
by Kankake Storm November 10, 2015
When one is mad and therefore threatens to cut off thier loved ones dick, place it into a hotdog bun and proceed to feed it to them.
Natalie: "Carl you're being an absolute douche bag right now, you're really asking for a Hotdick"
Carl: "No Natalie!! Please, don't give me a hotdick, I couldnt bare being a unick, my father will make me join a unick hockey team!"
Natalie:"Too late Hot Carl... one HotDick on the barbie"
by Nataree December 27, 2012
A Game in which you drive up to an unsuspecting person, scream "HOT DICKS" and drive away.
Hey I'm bored, lets go play HOT DICKS!
by Jufarius87 December 28, 2010
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