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Bay Area slang for Flaming Hot Cheetos.
lemme get some of dem hot chips with cheeze, nigga.
by UselessHarry November 01, 2005
Great electro/indie band from London. Best songs include And I Was A Boy From School and Over And Over.
Hot Chip rock. Shame about their dress sense though. And WTF are those on their album cover?
by kazikame January 21, 2007
A person who remains laid back, fun loving, and doesn't take themselves too serious. They usually hang loose and never get upset. And love hot tortilla chips after the game
Deanna: Man, Brendan was such a dick at volleyball today.

John: yeah I wish he was more like mark and Zak. They are so hot chips
by Two guys? September 15, 2010
A super attractive lady, maybe with a bodacious booty. Any girl that gives you a woody.
Emmanuelle Chriqui is a super hot chip!
by Ace 26 January 20, 2010
To spit (or cum) into the ass of a girl, and dip your cock in and out.
Guy 1: "Yo what'd you do with Anna last night?"

Guy 2: "She was giving me shit, so I gave her a hot chip and told her not to fart."
by chipperman43 March 19, 2010