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City east of SF Bay, aka "tha town". Separated into 3 parts (North, West, and East Oakland). There is no south. North Oakland is the hills. West Oakland has downtown, lake merritt, chinatown, and jack london square. East Oakland has the airport, coliseum, and the zoo. Deep East Oakland is where you can find the sideshows, people actin' a fool and gettin' hyphy, goin stupid doo doo dumb retarded, smokin perk and chewy, sippin' on some heem or yak, and slappin' hard in they box chevs.
dude1: 'ey mayne, what it do?
dude2: it ain't nuttin yo. i finta get blazed tonite and hit up tha town, yadidamean?
dude1:o fo sho.
by UselessHarry August 26, 2005
A team that hasn't won a World Series Championship since 1954, but still has the best hitter in baseball (Barry Bonds), the best ballpark (SBC Park), the second best rivalry, and of course the best fans.
Sorry ass Dodger fan: "The San Francisco Giants Suck......ah shit, Bonds just hit a homer."
by UselessHarry October 05, 2005
Bay Area slang for Flaming Hot Cheetos.
lemme get some of dem hot chips with cheeze, nigga.
by UselessHarry November 01, 2005
Sumthin Like A Pimp. Originated by tha 730's.
I chuck it to a bitch. S.L.A.P.
by UselessHarry October 17, 2005
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lulzsec can triforce
by UselessHarry June 14, 2011

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