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A "gang" formed in the late 90's to mock the gang problem at North County High School in Castroville, CA. It consisted of about 6 founding members and quickly ballooned to over 60. It grew in size to the point where even other schools had members and a rival gang (the "Steaming Beef) was formed.

Ween was the official band of the Hot Chickens. And the radio show on KSPB (a student-run radio station) was quickly cancelled once the on-air profanity, urinating on things and smoking pot in the sound booth became a nuisance to school officials and the public in general. Even mentioning the phrase "Hot Chicken" was banned at Robert Louis Stevenson school.

Eventually, the original members decided the gang had grown too lame and dissolved the groups. The original members became the North County Church Burners Club, which was a legitimate Club on the school Roster for a full two weeks.
"Look, the Hot Chickens are selling nachos and half-eaten sandwiches from the garbage to freshmen for a dollar."*

"I hope the Steaming Beef doesn't catch them on their turf doing that."

*note: They really did that and made $20+ a day, which was subsequently spent on pot and 40 ouncers of fine malt liquor.
by A former Hot Chicken February 02, 2009
1. An act of swapping a jalepeno cheese flavored sauce covered french fry and a piece of a chicken filet.

2. A sleezy sex act

3. Sleezy sexual activity involving a East Texan, European accountant, or a Mexican, with another. Also uses both a Cheese-covered French Fry and Chicken Filet
1. Let's Hot Chicken!

2. She preformed Hot Chicken on me... it was creepy.

3. Lets Hot Chicken
by 473X March 10, 2006
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