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Performing analingus on a person with poor anal hygiene, especially after the person has been working out.
As a consolation for losing the competition on "the Biggest Loser", Brenda received a hot brown from Big Wayne.
by Da Real Jesus February 21, 2009
A sex act in which one individual practices fellatio while another is on the toilet defecating. Immediately after orgasm, the individual on the toilet stands up and, front-to-back, wipes his ass on the fellatio giver's face.

The Hot Brown is named after the famous late-night turkey dish of Louisville, KY. This urban meaning for the term is considered the most authentic, because it is hot, brown, and the semen is said to represent the Mornay Sauce of the famous dish.
I wonder what this prostitute would charge me for a Hot Brown.
by jesse the destroyer November 09, 2014
A vulgar and grotesquely descriptive term for shit; hot brown is also the name of a dessert.
"I'll be right back, I gotta go make some hot brown."

(Five minutes later) "Dude, who forgot to flush the hot brown?"
by Ryanj83 July 06, 2007
Pooping in bed after midnight and the rolling over on top of your parter while they're sleeping.
Fat Mike got hot browned by Cartoon Joe.
by Joe Snooza March 10, 2008
1) Preparing a heated dish using fecal matter.

2) Defecating in someone's cocoa.
1) "I've hot browned the rib-eye and seasoned it with...""

2) "Don't drink the cocoa at the ski lodge, I heard it's been hot browned."
by muddybeergrass January 13, 2008
A dish created in Kentucky. A piece of bread, covered with turkey, cheese, bacon and tomato. Created at the Brown Hotel, and only served at certain Kentucky restaurants
"There's a hotbrown on the menu, you have to get it!"
by ShelbyMcFinley June 04, 2016
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