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An act of revenge perpetrated by defecating in the target's car. Preferably this will happen at the beginning of a hot sunny day allowing the payload to bake to a perfectly hideous level before being discovered.
For sleeping with his brother, Steve left Helen a Kentucky Hot Brown in her Civic while she was at work.
by BuiltForComfort1981 June 30, 2009
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1.)In its simplest and most innocent form, it is a meal made with toast, bacon, and turkey then smothered in cheese sauce, often broiled for appearance.
2.)A sexual act performed as such; using a glass dining room table, two naked partners(one on top of the table and one laying underneath the table staring upward)the person under the table masturbates, while the person standing on the table proceeds to take a shit in the direction of the others face. Things are just a bit different in Kentucky.
1.)I went out to eat and ordered the Kentucky Hot Brown and it was delicious, very appetizing.
2.)I was watching amateur porn the other night and this hillbilly chick gave the dude a Kentucky Hot Brown with extra sauce, it was very unappetizing, I nearly spewed.
by Matthew Brueggen March 25, 2006
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The act of performing or receiving anallingus immediately after taking a shit in lieu of using toilet paper.
Since we didn't have any toilet paper, I asked Katy to give me a Kentucky Hot Brown. All she gave me was a kick to the nuts.
by Monkey87 September 15, 2010
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The act of anally penetrating a partner so rapidly that the condom melts.
Sue made me wear a rubber last night when I gave it to her in the ass, so I banged her so fast she got her a Kentucky Hot Brown. Boo yeah!
by Knobby3 July 22, 2006
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The Act of Shitting in a girls mouth and making her give you a blowjob and ending with ejaculating on her face with the mixture of shit to form gravey.
Kentucky Hot Brown
by Asian Persuaison October 25, 2009
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