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The act of inserting each hand entirely into the vaginas of two fat chicks. An adaptation of "pink mittens."
I heard Steve is into whaling... last night he took home two fat chicks and got himself some pig mittens.
by danconia April 14, 2011
Inserting both hands into the vaginas of two women at once, so they act like mittens for your fists. Similar to double-fisting.
Wow... those two sisters were total sluts! I even got to get myself a pair of pink mittens last night!
by danconia April 14, 2011
1) During sex, pulling out from one girl and inserting your penis (hot rod) into another girl's vagina while it's still warm.

2) In the same night, after having sex, have sex with another woman so your dick is still hot form the last.
Wow... I managed to pick up two girls last night and went hot rodding from one to the other all night!


After I was done having sex with Cherryl, I was still horny so I called up my ex and went hot rodding over to her place!
by danconia April 14, 2011

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