When one person uses their lips to blows drugs up another person's ass, and then the other person defecates said drugs back into the first person's mouth.
My name is Corey and you gotta give me those drugs Hot Michigan style
by qringo August 22, 2011
Top Definition
Much like a snowball, a Hot Michigan is the act of blowing a powdery substance directly into another person's anal cavity using only the lips. Once applied, the powdery substance is then returned to the blower's mouth via a hot fart.
Corey: The only way I'll get high is if you blew those drugs right into my ass.
Ryan: I'll do that!
Corey: I swear to God I'll fart them right back into your mouth!
Ryan: Oooo! A Hot Michigan! Let's do this!
Corey: *blank stare*
by Ramertax August 15, 2011
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