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A Hot Breakfast Sandwich is a sex act performed in the early morning hours. The act originated as a female on male sex act and is most common. However, the act can easily be performed male on female, male on male or female on female depending upon sexual orientation and preference.

In the traditional serving of a Hot Breakfast Sandwich, the female wakes up before her male partner. If not already naked, the female undresses and removes her panties. She then cautiously, without yet waking her partner, positions herself in a squatting position over her partner's face. Her ass and anus are positioned directly over his face with special attention given to targeting the nose and lips directly below the anal sphincter. This position can be accomplished by squatting and facing foward, however is recommended reverse style by facing the males legs.

Once in position, the female then drops her ass and rose bud directly onto the face of her male partner giving special attention to positioning to ensure that the male's nose and upper lip make direct contact with the sphincter. Once in position, the female should be seated with full force and if possible, pulling her butt cheeks to the sides with her hands to fully envelope her buttocks around her lover's face and creating the "sandwich".

The male will quickly awaken to the much welcomed surprise of being served a Hot Breakfast Sandwich and will begin providing a very gratifying analingus experience for the female.
Doreen woke up still randy from the night belore. Her backdoor was needing some special attention so he decided to give her boyfriend Carl a Hot Breakfast Sandwich. In between his gasps for air, Carl provided Doreen the tongue ride she was longing for.
by Enya Goode March 10, 2014
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