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The act in which a man gently glides his warm ballbag up a woman's body from her feet to her head and then gently lands them in her mouth.
I'm going to take her out for a nice dinner and then back to my place for a hot air balloon ride.
by El Duderino 23 October 19, 2011
The act of making an air-tight seal around someone's butthole and then they fart a giant fart into your mouth and your cheecks fill with air.
The only way Dale could imagine seeing the world outside of his jail cell was when Rick gave him a Hot air balloon ride.
by Se7en November 14, 2006
Person lies on their back, the woman straddles the face creating a seal between the labia and the mouth. the person on the bottom blows into the woman to "inflate" the uterus. The woman grabs two hand-fulls of hair (the basket) and holds on for the balloon ride.
"Dude, i was trying to give a 'hot air balloon ride' and I got a mouth full of blow back."
by Elrond Driscoll February 03, 2009