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6 definitions by Se7en

The act of making an air-tight seal around someone's butthole and then they fart a giant fart into your mouth and your cheecks fill with air.
The only way Dale could imagine seeing the world outside of his jail cell was when Rick gave him a Hot air balloon ride.
by Se7en November 14, 2006
A cist-like pimple that grows over the pee-hole
Glenn wasnt much into condoms, so he never cleaned himself and soon he achieved a nasty decartheridge and was pleased with his new found birth control method.
by Se7en November 15, 2006
Santa's loyal reindeer Rudolph's erect penis that serves the dual purpose of the breaks and rooftop anchor for santa's sleigh.
Rudolph's Red Rocket was in full effect on Christmas night after he noticed blitzen's new boob job and the scent coming from her stench trench.
by Se7en November 15, 2006
When a man eats the entire Sunday newspaper (adds includded) and then proceedes to shit out the newspaper in a printing press style, wrap it up and deliver it to his neighbor.
Dale got up early to finish the Sunday paper, and then he ate the entire paper and was caught delivering the news to his neighbor Jan, who just wanted to look at the Sears Catalog.
by Se7en November 17, 2006
Similar to its cousin, the camel toe, this version is basically the camel toe of an avid horse rider or bicycle rider, all stretched out from the long days of riding.
During the long bike race, Kristy relied on her camel finger's gripping capabilities to keep her on the bike.
by Se7en November 17, 2006
Two people/animals put each others assholes together as if their assholes are kissing, then one proceeds to shit from their asshole into the other asshole without breaking the pipeline and letting shit fall out onto the floor.
Leroy and Lafonda performed the trans-alaskan pipeline because Lafona was anorexic and never had to shit, so she wanted to borrow some of Leroy's.
by Se7en November 14, 2006