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A weekend school located in Paramus, New Jersey where japanese and halfies come together to see Sakuyama sensei. He is the sole purpose of Hoshuko and will always be. Often, fobs from the motherland come to Hoshuko, which we love. On the other hand, when classmates leave, it is depressing and empty. At this school, things tend to break and people tend to break rules. Computers are hacked, christmas ornaments crash, swivel chairs are raced, rooftops are occupied, teachers are offended, and we all have the best times of our lives.
Let's go to Hoshuko to break things!

Hoshuko is where I ponder about rooftops on rooftops.

Don't forget to bring water bottles for Hoshuko.

I don't have a family nor home so I live at Hoshuko, in the Chapel.

Hoshuko moms do everything for us.

I go to Hoshuko to meet fobs.

by Kana Wasabe May 18, 2008

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