a derogatory term for a carwash worker
"Stupid hosemonkey scratched my candy paint!"
by iluvjackrussells August 05, 2005
Top Definition
A term of endearment which refers to fire fighters. Usually used by police officers or other law enforcement officials.
Smell that BBQ by the fire hall? Those hose monkeys are cooking up a feast! Do they ever work?
by Wordy McWorderson March 19, 2010
Hosemonkey is a term used by other professional employees to talk about Fire Fighters. It is a good natured jest for what they do.
"That hosemonkey did a good job taking that person out of the car at the accident scene."
by Hosemonkey's wife October 22, 2006
Generally applies to men.
To be in the habit of continually playing with one's "hose" like a monkey...
Also applies to most types of useless or ineffective behavior.
See "wanker"
That guy is such a useless hose monkey.
by <T>-=ad0be=- July 24, 2006
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