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A cute little blue seahorse Pokemon that evolves into Seadra at level 32. According to RatchetBoo, Horsea and Yang Lee share a strong resemblance.
Cute Widdle Horsea- horsea horsea horsea..sea horsea.

Yang- No, I'm not your daddy...or your mommy. Quit bothering me.

Cute Widdle Horsea- Horseeaaa...horsea?

Yang- No, those big puppy-dog eyes won't work on me...why don't you go swim in the toilet or something?
by Shawn B. May 29, 2003
Photos & Videos
pkmn lubved most by me.
I luv horsee
i luive horsee
horse hosres horsee
bleet bleet blett
by Evil Tim August 27, 2003
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