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Credit Goes To" Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary."

Merriam Webster Online. 22 December 2009

Main Entry: hor·ri·fy

Pronunciation: \ˈhor-ə-ˌfī, ˈhär-\
Function: transitive verb

Inflected Form(s): hor·ri·fied; hor·ri·fy·ing
1 : The way that man was acting toward his wife was completely "horrifying!"
2 : To cause to feel horror

synonyms see dismay

— hor·ri·fy·ing·ly \-ˌfī-iŋ-lē\ adverb
by MissKittyX3 December 22, 2009
something that scares you to the point of soiling your paints.
That picture of Morgan is so horrifying that I had to change my pants.
by lolocaustttt April 02, 2011