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Adj.; A term mostly used in prison, espescially in the Kentucky State Penitentiary, where an inmate practicing a different kind of homo sexuality has a deep desire for BOOTY (a man's butt) and gets hard in the penal area; Horny; really-fucking-gay; 2. An individual may develop the non-stop use of this term during birth or after his first occurrence with forced sex with men(s) in prison.
1. You gotta a bunch of mens locked up, in one place, all of 'em get hard, all of 'ems hornin', all of 'ems got sexual desires right? So what they goin' to do? You won't let them have a women! So they're goin' to have each... somebody is going to have to get us some BOOTY, it's just that simple.
2. Byron admitted "You have been acting very strange ever since you came out of prison Fleece! You keep trying to feel my butt and you say that you're hard, what the fuck does that mean?"

Fleece responded with content "That's because I'm hornin' Bryon, and I likes ya and I wants ya... now we can do this the easy way or the hard way... the choice is yours!"
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