An act of horniness , males get it.
Bertina; God damn john is such a hornball.
Erstiny; Wink at him.
by Raunchy Baby September 06, 2010
a male with an unhealthy amount of horny-ness aka cumwaffle etc
Hunter is such a hornball.
by Jacq January 27, 2003
Someone who gets horny at about pretty much everything, no matter how gay or weird it may seem.
Zayna: Holy shit dude, those aglets are making me SOOOOO horny!!

Random Hobo: You are such a hornball....
by Naseem=G May 13, 2009
The idea of horns, in this case, comes from the word "cuckold" see your OED: pre-15th to early 18thC everyone--except the husband--could see the horns growing out of his head (sort of like the "emperor without his clothes" story).

Much of the unicorn mythology ties into this as well. The horn and mysterious erotica is fascinating.

"Horn" is antlers; "horn" is masculinitly; "horn" is the erection; "horn" is also the sign of emasculation, specifically when every one but the husband sees them on the husband's head.

In this sense, it must only = horny guy (tight balls and potentially losing his lover to another man/woman)???

I'm new to this site, and I have been told I must back up and give an example??? I'll try.
See above.


I just deleted an hour's worth of what I was going to say.

I teach, and I'm in the middle of marking hell; this was my break for the evening, and I messed it up.

by Kath November 26, 2003
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