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A horizoholic is a person afflicted with the addiction of being horizontal. It is a long and rocky path to recovery from horizoholicism, many horizoholics start off as 'anglers' and then literally descend into a one-dimensional world of being horizontal.

The first step to recovery is identifying that you do indeed have a problem, initial signs include: over-use of the word 'landscape', a disassociation of the world above the skirting board, and finally, people staring at you A LOT.
There is no simple way to cure horizoholicism, many experts suggest 'standing-up' but this tends to prove ineffective. Horizoholics should always remember that it is only when we all stand together that we may hope to stand at all.
"Aren't you guys gonna do anything about Lea, she's been on the floor almost passed-out like that for ages now!"
"Don't worry about her, she's a horizoholic, she's always like this."
"I see..."
#horizontal #vertiholic #landscape #floor #incapability #horozoholic #horoziholic #horiziholic
by Gabe Karellen January 04, 2010
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