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To consume excessive amounts of food in a gluttonous manner.
Jimmy: Man, I haven't eaten all mahfuckin day son, I'ma horg!
Samuel: Me too nigga, but you's a pig when you horg, crubs all over the mahfuckin place and shit.
Jimmy: I don't give a FUCK son FUCK them crumbs.
by Christofurg March 10, 2008
1) verb:

To horg is to:

A) Break the law of "bros before hoes", therefore performing a "hoes before bros" sequence.

B) Perform something useful and productive when you should be doing nothing like a typical red-blooded male.

2) noun:

A horg is a mutation of the hrag. A horg is also a breach of Hragdom.
Dude1: Yo Dude2 skip class and hang with me and Dude3!
Dude3: Na man I gotta go to class

Dude1: Yo where's Dude2 at?
Dude2: Somewhere with his girlfriend.
Dude1: Freakin' horg.
by LOLVAJ April 09, 2009
A group or gathering of people that are remarkably unattractive or stupid.
"I went to that club downtown but there was nothing but a mindless horg there".

There was a horg of people at that sci-fi convention.
by Dan Daniels February 19, 2008

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