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the idea of fingering ur arsehole after the movies
"well guess wat so and so fingered his arsehole after the movies"
by Dale March 21, 2003
A Japanese term for people who are half Asian and half white. It means Half in Japanese. Usually, they have big, almond brown or hazel eyes. North-Asian Hoppas are pale, whereas Southeast-Asian Hoppas are extremely tan. Many have freckles.
"Dude, you can tell she's hoppa! Big, almond eyes and freckles."
by Laura Ann November 16, 2006

noun: A mildly un-endearing term to characterize a woman who frivolously hops from bed to bed seeking sexual intercourse with multiple partners.

Note: A marked accentuation of the initial 'haaa' denotes the degree to which a woman ‘hops’.

See also:

Hoppore (n): A woman who is repeatedly caught hopping.

Hoppway (v): A 3-way involving at least one hoppa.

Hoppasition (n): Resistance or dissent, expressed in action or argument against hoppas.

Hoppatunistic (a): A woman who exploits chances offered by immediate circumstances without reference to a general plan or moral principle in an effort to gain hoppa status.
Gary: Hey Jean, did you hear Judith slept with two roommates in the same apartment this weekend?
Jean: AND she's meeting up with a Tinder match across town tonight?
Gary: Hoppa!!
Jean: Hoppaaaaa!!!!
by Harlet December 02, 2013
Cool, awesome, interesting, tight.
"Oh man, the waves are hoppa today!"
by Palmer12 December 18, 2005
from jewish descent; an altar
This is a hoppa, or you might call it, a jew stand
by BEAL November 24, 2004
A word used among people of the eastern european region to indidcate that a huge difficulty is about to take its toll; also used to achieve powers tbat prevent accidents or give strength
Hoppa, Hoppa that was a close call, I almost crashed into that maserati
by lex2000 December 26, 2003
To stick one's thumb in another persons arsehole.
(to be hoppaed)
by rancid potatoes August 02, 2003