A tiny ginger. Steals things from people because she can't help it. She has a ton of freckles everywhere! A little bit of a socially inclined person. She can be funny if you let her get a joke in. Super shy but tries to hide it. Her hazel eyes will bore in to yours. A major copycat. Thinks she's the bomb diggity time infinity but this is not the case. It's more like times one. Wishes she was as cool as her older sister and brother. Knows way to much for her own good. A squish-y marshmallow on the outside but a kickass bitch on the inside
Person 1: "Do you see that ginger over there?"

Person 2: 'Yeah! I think her name is Hope. Stay away so she won't kick your ass!"
by HopesSisterSydney June 25, 2010
a girl who is an outcast, and loner, yet really smart and successful. funny to those who give her a chance to tell a joke. a girl who isn't shy because she knows she doesn't have anything to worry about since no one notices her anyway.
guy: hey your hopeLESS right? LoL.
hope: sure.
by hope&faith February 17, 2008
Hope is someone with a deep voice and looks like a gruffalo but without the cute assests. She's considered a pro when it comes to fucking up relationships. It is often referred to as a relationship which seems to be in ruins because of someone meddling
Julie: god have you heard about ben and hannahs' relationship
Logan: yeah i heard its a hope relationship
Julie: awh
by talkingmule February 22, 2012
Hope is a crazy girl from Texas who has a tendency to talk to a kid from California all night. She's a terrible girlfriend, but she tries super hard to make him happy. She's a white girl but is often called a beaner. She likes to whistle, a lot. She sleeps in drainage ditches, and smells like berries and cigarettes.
Hope is ridiculous. Sexual innuendos are common around her.
by Beanerrrrr April 23, 2009
Evil cake that will explode and feed all the poverty of ethiopia and turn them evil with her evil cakeness. She will also become a danger to Africa and sit on all the elephants and kill them. Elephants will become exstinct in the next 10 years. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! SAVE THE ELEPHANTS!
it...it...its...its coming!!! the hope is coming!!! the thing is coming!!! *boom* *boom* *boom* *the sheman steps on a native*
by Chylli Meet September 29, 2007
A fake drug sometimes used in surveys to screen out people who say they've done every drug.
Have you ever used XLT street names Hope, Wagon Wheels
by Brinna September 28, 2005
...is the first step on the road to disappointment. Be realist.
Timmy thought he would get a good mark on his Physics test. Did his world fall around him when he found out he had 12%.
by Nathan Vanders October 20, 2004

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