H- Hanging
O- On
P- Past
E- Enjoyment
The relationship started out great but she has been working late and hanging out with her old guy friends from school more lately. I really HOPE she is not cheating on me!!!
by www.SoakinJoes.com July 20, 2010
A stowaway on one of man’s many ships of desire. Too often, it becomes a rude and painful passenger.
"My desire for her to feel the same way about me turned out to be a false hope."
by nethcev! August 24, 2006
hOpE iS wHeN u bElIeVe sOMeThInG wIll gO riGhT <333 C;
Person1: hEy dId OuR wOrd "bEsTieS4lYfE" gEt pUbLiShEd On uRbAn DiCtIoNarY yEt?
Person2: nO bUt I hAvE hOpE <3333 C;
by iHaVeHoPe4LyFe September 20, 2010
A Thot name usually a women only used for practice, usually describes a rachet white woman who doesn't know her colour
I hate the name hope and the people who it belongs to
by fuckmoneygetbutches June 15, 2014
To sit back like a little bitch and do nothing about the situation.
PVT: I really hope we make it through this alive, sergeant.
SSG: Just do what I tell you, and remember your training and you will. Don't sit there and "hope" like a little bitch.
by Euorbz June 04, 2011
The first step on the road to dissapointment.
I hope she looks at me.
by Nonlinear Logic September 06, 2005
Hope is someone with a deep voice and looks like a gruffalo but without the cute assests. She's considered a pro when it comes to fucking up relationships. It is often referred to as a relationship which seems to be in ruins because of someone meddling
Julie: god have you heard about ben and hannahs' relationship
Logan: yeah i heard its a hope relationship
Julie: awh
by talkingmule February 22, 2012

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