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H- Hanging
O- On
P- Past
E- Enjoyment
The relationship started out great but she has been working late and hanging out with her old guy friends from school more lately. I really HOPE she is not cheating on me!!!
by www.SoakinJoes.com July 20, 2010
3 4
A stowaway on one of man’s many ships of desire. Too often, it becomes a rude and painful passenger.
"My desire for her to feel the same way about me turned out to be a false hope."
by nethcev! August 24, 2006
7 9
To sit back like a little bitch and do nothing about the situation.
PVT: I really hope we make it through this alive, sergeant.
SSG: Just do what I tell you, and remember your training and you will. Don't sit there and "hope" like a little bitch.
by Euorbz June 04, 2011
1 4
hOpE iS wHeN u bElIeVe sOMeThInG wIll gO riGhT <333 C;
Person1: hEy dId OuR wOrd "bEsTieS4lYfE" gEt pUbLiShEd On uRbAn DiCtIoNarY yEt?
Person2: nO bUt I hAvE hOpE <3333 C;
by iHaVeHoPe4LyFe September 20, 2010
5 8
The first step on the road to dissapointment.
I hope she looks at me.
by Nonlinear Logic September 06, 2005
31 37
Hope is someone with a deep voice and looks like a gruffalo but without the cute assests. She's considered a pro when it comes to fucking up relationships. It is often referred to as a relationship which seems to be in ruins because of someone meddling
Julie: god have you heard about ben and hannahs' relationship
Logan: yeah i heard its a hope relationship
Julie: awh
by talkingmule February 22, 2012
0 8
A tiny ginger. Steals things from people because she can't help it. She has a ton of freckles everywhere! A little bit of a socially inclined person. She can be funny if you let her get a joke in. Super shy but tries to hide it. Her hazel eyes will bore in to yours. A major copycat. Thinks she's the bomb diggity time infinity but this is not the case. It's more like times one. Wishes she was as cool as her older sister and brother. Knows way to much for her own good. A squish-y marshmallow on the outside but a kickass bitch on the inside
Person 1: "Do you see that ginger over there?"

Person 2: 'Yeah! I think her name is Hope. Stay away so she won't kick your ass!"
by HopesSisterSydney June 25, 2010
2 12