A woman with an extremely large penis.
I wish my penis was as large as hopes!
by uemom February 20, 2015
Hope is a beautiful name. Hope is a girl that any guy will never forget! Normally blonde and amazing in bed. Has a great ass and knows how to give a man head. Hope is a very talented and there's nothing that she Can't do. Hope is a relatively Rich girl who has a very picky taste in her men
"Hope is the best girlfriend I've ever had, I can't wait to marry her"
by SuperAwesomedude November 29, 2014
To bring up a major topic with a lot of emotional stigma and then blow it off and not say any more once the opposite person(s) become invested in said topic; to imply that you know more, but hold back information like a bitch
Girl: So, I was with the guys and one of them totally thinks you're hot.
Girl 2: Really? WHO?
Girl: Don't freak out, it's no big deal. You wouldn't be interested anyways.
Girl 2: Wtf, why even bring it up if you're not going to tell me? You CANNOT hope me on this.
Girl: ~ doesn't text back ~
by awkwardteen July 09, 2013
The ridiculous, utterly retarded notion or idea that your Urban Dictionary submission will ever, ever make it to the front page.
Jack: Hey, look, I just submitted something that I just know is REALLY funny that EVERYONE will love. If it doesn't get to the front page, then all the moderators of UrbanDictionary must be fucked up in the head!

The next day, looking at your word on Urban Dictionary (fervently thumbing it up, of course, in a futile attempt to get it noticed)

Jack: Fuck. I'm not funny at all. I hate myself. How did I ever hope for this entry to ever get anywhere and be anything else other than a file stealing server space from the good people of UrbanDictionary.com?
by HerpoDerpoSarcasm December 05, 2011
H- Hanging
O- On
P- Past
E- Enjoyment
The relationship started out great but she has been working late and hanging out with her old guy friends from school more lately. I really HOPE she is not cheating on me!!!
by www.SoakinJoes.com July 20, 2010
hOpE iS wHeN u bElIeVe sOMeThInG wIll gO riGhT <333 C;
Person1: hEy dId OuR wOrd "bEsTieS4lYfE" gEt pUbLiShEd On uRbAn DiCtIoNarY yEt?
Person2: nO bUt I hAvE hOpE <3333 C;
by iHaVeHoPe4LyFe September 20, 2010
A stowaway on one of man’s many ships of desire. Too often, it becomes a rude and painful passenger.
"My desire for her to feel the same way about me turned out to be a false hope."
by nethcev! August 24, 2006
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