n. a variant of wigger, the difference being the person in question doesn't "intend" to act and dress the Hip Hop Culture, but poverty, and social status wield how he/she presents himself/herself.
Jerry was raised in the South Bronx to a white crack addict prostitute. He can be a such a hoople sometimes, he just doesn't know any better.
by breetai3 April 10, 2008
An imaginary part of someone's body, involved in a threat.
Shut up, or I'll mott your hoople!
by Alex April 22, 2004
A old family name from Scotland. Derived from "one who lives up-the-hill" Uphill, Hipple, Hopple, Hoople, etc.
Hoople as it is spelled, is a mistake. The mistake and mis-spelling was made when many immigrants came to the US through the Ellis Island entrance, and their names were not accurately recorded.
by ross211 November 20, 2013
A word to be used in place of any random object.
What is the little hoople over there used for?
by Shannon Rosie October 05, 2007
a hula hoop enthusiast
I would like to challenge Michelle Obama to a hula hoop competition cause I'm a hoople from way back
by madlove2010 February 26, 2010
An organisation or person who is dynamic and well respected by peers and the community generally.
Seen to be hardworking and conciencious by teachers and others in authority.
Seen to be an organisation, which is customer-centric and where quality service is a real priority.
He's a real Hoople
You hoople!
That was a hoople job!
That was hoople service.
by LeHoop October 19, 2011

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