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n. a variant of wigger, the difference being the person in question doesn't "intend" to act and dress the Hip Hop Culture, but poverty, and social status wield how he/she presents himself/herself.
Jerry was raised in the South Bronx to a white crack addict prostitute. He can be a such a hoople sometimes, he just doesn't know any better.
by breetai3 April 10, 2008
the process by which one passes a bowel movement.
Man, I had a hard time restoring honor in that porta potty at the Glenn Beck rally in D.C. It stunk like prunes in there.
by breetai3 September 02, 2010
A sports broadcaster who very obviously shows favoritism towards the team they represent.
I can't believe that dumb, homer Suzyn Waldman actually broke down and started crying about Joe Torre leaving the Yankees.
by breetai3 October 09, 2007
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