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An odd object or thingy.
An anal probe is when you stick a hoopajoop up your ass
by Lord Nym August 23, 2003
anything that can be inserted into the anus
a hoopa joop can include dildos, cats, puppys, pens, pencils, rats, bottles, dick, a jug if your goatse, oompa loompas, light bulbs, watches, the list goes on
by eagor of the shepards pie August 15, 2008
A weird, extraneously complex item.
A- What does this hoopajoop do?
B- Dude...that's a jet printer!
A- *feels stupid* Oh......
by RatchetBoo September 05, 2003
an alien satellite probe
thats no hemerroid thats an alien hoopa joop
by the fuck fairy December 15, 2006