Top Definition
An odd object or thingy.
An anal probe is when you stick a hoopajoop up your ass
by Lord Nym August 23, 2003
A weird, extraneously complex item.
A- What does this hoopajoop do?
B- Dude...that's a jet printer!
A- *feels stupid* Oh......
by RatchetBoo September 05, 2003
anything that can be inserted into the anus
a hoopa joop can include dildos, cats, puppys, pens, pencils, rats, bottles, dick, a jug if your goatse, oompa loompas, light bulbs, watches, the list goes on
by eagor of the shepards pie August 15, 2008
an alien satellite probe
thats no hemerroid thats an alien hoopa joop
by the fuck fairy December 15, 2006
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