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Slang for Hawaiian Natives. Due to them calling us Howlies (which I dont know what that means but I am sure its bad) We call them Hoolies due to the Hoola Dancing Ruits.
Hawaiian Native: "Hey Howlie go back to the valley."
Non-Hawaiian Native: "Whatever Hoolie, learn how to share a wave, they dont belong to you."
by Lucas June 14, 2006
34 170
An Irish get together, party in a small place. Usually a residence.
Come over to the hoolie At Mary's place.
by hdrider67 February 14, 2008
91 27
A strong wind. Doesn't have to be storm force, just a strong wind that sways big trees.
It's blowing a hoolie
by SouthPawPaul July 26, 2010
47 25
One who rides a Moto Guzzi in a sportsman like manner.
"I think he's a SoCal Hoolie"
by MotoLupo January 25, 2007
50 42
a rowdy person typically from Irish (or Gaelic) descent; short for Hooligan.
Being the hoolie that he is, that McQuinn got kicked out of the bar and later ended up in jail.
by "Hoolie" McQuinn January 06, 2009
18 27
A can of non-cheapass beer
I boosted a hoolie for later, some crazy german brew with gold foil
by King Biff December 07, 2004
11 31
another name for a cigarette or joint
How about a light so I can spark up this hoolie!
by Rob October 06, 2004
28 49
a Protestant wake, predominantly in Northern Ireland
that was a great hoolie, it's what he would have wanted
by juniormint April 25, 2009
3 30