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The response given when the term "Shark-bait" is spoken. To be responded to as quickly as possible; yelling optional.

Originated from the Pixar movie Finding Nemo, during Nemo's initiation ritual for tankhood.

Example 1:
Christian: Hey, John.
John: What?
Christian: SHARK-BAIT!
John: uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
Christian: Too slow! You fail at life!

Example 2:
Christian: HOOHAHA!
John: omfg you rock my socks hardxcore style, man.
Christian: Chyah, but why so scene?
John: Because i r lame and play gunz.
by Makoa N December 12, 2008
A persons private parts , a penis / dick , or a vagina
A person can grow hair on their hoohaha during puberty
by Twikkle January 23, 2015
what to say after giving someone a nick name


A sexual term for breasts
bobbys nickname is now starfucka
by Nick January 05, 2004
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