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Another term for Bullsh*t, used when extremely flustered and nothing makes sense, when everything is complete bunk.
"Bush is a good president!! HOOEY!!!"
by Liana October 14, 2003
39 47
This assignment is a bunch of hooey!
by The Grammar Nazi April 24, 2002
88 22
phonetically, this word means "prick" (i.e., the vernacular for penis) in Russian, although it is better transliterated as "khuy" or "khui."
"A vot tebe khuy!" (Here's a prick for you!)
by samuel November 11, 2003
43 50
a street name for a crystal meth pipe
Hey man, pack the hooey with some more crystal meth so we can get high
by iameatingjam January 11, 2011
14 29