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The scale used to determine how "white" one is based on a scale from 0-44, where 0 is ghetto black acting as a whigger where one would be popin caps left and right, 22 is perfect white/black balance, and 44 is excessive white where one would be watching Fraiser while drinking a brocelli smoothie in a pair of pleated pants.
Dude: Bro, I would rather stick my dick in the oven than listen to your 44 ass.
Nerd: You are correct mmmmmyyyyyy Honky Scale rating is a perfect 44 based on proven mathematical evidence.
Black Male: Yo what it be homes? Oh shit a 44! I better get MY 44, Shiiiiiit...
Nerd: Please remove yourself from my grill my geographicaly southern brethren!
by MonsterDipper88 October 29, 2007
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