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A abnormally large douchebag where douchebag is describing a person not the actual femine hygine product.
Person 1: I just burnt all that money you loant me on corndog porn!
Person 2: You said you were curing cancer! You fucking douchebagasarus Rex!
by MonsterDipper88 September 26, 2007
The scale used to determine how "white" one is based on a scale from 0-44, where 0 is ghetto black acting as a whigger where one would be popin caps left and right, 22 is perfect white/black balance, and 44 is excessive white where one would be watching Fraiser while drinking a brocelli smoothie in a pair of pleated pants.
Dude: Bro, I would rather stick my dick in the oven than listen to your 44 ass.
Nerd: You are correct mmmmmyyyyyy Honky Scale rating is a perfect 44 based on proven mathematical evidence.
Black Male: Yo what it be homes? Oh shit a 44! I better get MY 44, Shiiiiiit...
Nerd: Please remove yourself from my grill my geographicaly southern brethren!
by MonsterDipper88 October 29, 2007
1. A gigantic dip(smokeless tobacco) placed behind the lip. 2. A large horseship dip.
Satanic Voice: Put in a ma ma ma monster dip dip dip(echo)
Jimmy: Why?
Satanic Voice: Real men eat rocks and shit gunpowder or put in ginormous dips.
Jimmy: I dont want to...
Satanic Voice: Then you will DIE DIE DIE(echo)!!!
by MonsterDipper88 September 26, 2007
1. A seller of Corndogs. 2. A close friend. 3. An insult that degrades a person by refering them to being a "low life" such as a "carnie". Synonomous with Mexican Corndog Vendor
Person 1: I like suguar and I like tea, but I dont like you dumbass no sire!
Person 2: Im gonna rip out your eyes and skull fuck you ya mexican corndog vendor!
by MonsterDipper88 September 26, 2007
Someone who uses smokeless tobacco products by placing it behind their lip. Occasionally putting in a monster dip
Mother: Jimmy put in a ma ma ma monster dip today honey!
Father: Thats my little Dipasarus Rex of a son!
by MonsterDipper88 September 26, 2007
1. A Person who thinks they can outdo anyone in drugs while either not dieing or passing out i.e. Could smoke the most marijuna, Could snort the most cocaine. 2. Someone to compete in drug use with. 3. Jeff G.
Bro 1: "Man lemme stop and hit the bong, pop a pill, smoke a blunt, pop a bean, take 14 shots, titty fuck your mom, shoot birds at the airport AAAAAANNNNND.....be home before dinner. CRACK PIPE PETE AINT GOT NOTHING ON ME BITCH!!!"
Bro 2: ".........Dude...your gay..."
Bro 1: "Why...?"
Bro 2: "Because I just did all that a second ago, theres nothing left to base head off of, check for yourself..."
Bro 1: "Piss....."
by MonsterDipper88 September 03, 2008
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