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A Honga is a device used for smoking marijuwana just like a Bong.
Nirad asked for a couple of chicks to come back to his donga for a few Honga's.
by J.J.WalterSmith the 2nd September 05, 2006
A total scumbag, an individual who has a severe and ingrained lack of common decency. This entity often transcends what one could regard as the outer limits of douche-bag-ery, consequently penetrating the atmospheric limits of "questionable" human behavior.
did you see that creep at the party dressed in a chicken suit, preying on those young girls, what a honga
by Turnictionary May 09, 2011
a new word for party, or a hanging out with your friends. But it also can be used as "honga-girl" / "honga-boy" --> it's like a girl/boy who likes to party.
"Let's look for a honga" - let's find a good party.
"She is a hongagirl" - partygirl
by pinkiepieann May 01, 2008
A young lady from the projects who is rather permiscuous. Close relation to a chonga, but are the spanish version of a homewrecker. Usually seen wearing tight stretch pants, 5 pounds of gold jewlery, and have glued sideburns to the side of their face.
Damn Jan...look at that honga with those tight ass white pants banging the chongo in the corner of da clubb!
by I.P. Phreely September 28, 2007
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