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Someone (usually male) who is so good, you want to eat them.
He is my honeycake and I want to put him in my mouth.
by 3rd Duke of Dorset November 02, 2007
An actress who is the absolute silliest! She is often found saying the word "meh!" very often, acting retarded, and sneaking up on unsuspecting honeypants. On any given night, you will most likely find her cooking and baking delicious food, working diligently on her homework, or cooking up a sexy surprise.
She is also the absolute hottest female ever to grace this planet. She has breasts that any warm-blooded man would want to build a summer home in.
CRICKEY mate! I think we've spotted us a honeycakes! You can tell because of her signature way of sneaking up on her prey. You'll notice that she has her hands sloped downwards, and they are at about breast level. I'd love to park my big Australian dick in between those luscious titties and build a summer home there! She's about to catch her prey...she got him! Now, honeycakes like to rape their prey before consuming them, and she's doing that right now. Her prey seems to really be getting into it. Now that she is done raping it, she seems to be running off, and acting like a...retard. This is quite odd in the animal kingdom, and you will only see a honeycakes exhibit such a behavior. What a rare sight!
by Honeypants!!! May 30, 2010
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