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To have a hunch while having an erection at the same time.
Emma looked at the bulge in Josh's pants and thought he might have a Honch
by BrendoBeast July 02, 2009
An associate who one finds amusing or attractive and enjoys their company
Tim is my honch, we do everything together!
by krishump43 January 30, 2012
The act of secretly filming a friend and a girl of particular interest whilst they are engaging in sexual relations.
"Dude, that girl you pulled tonight is hot... honch?"


"We should honch that girl over there. She looks stupid"
by Paul Clayden January 22, 2008
A short term that could be used in place of dude, man, or boi. It is what it is.
C'mon honch! Lift that box up!
by BooWeezy May 17, 2005
To be the best at something or to do well something. Commonly used in New Zealand
Man, you honched that exam! You're head honch
by Hackz January 13, 2010
very large hips on a women. ( negro women have larger honches than white women )
I saw a mexican woman with big honches. Sooo big all I could think of was the Grand canyon ..
by itichie_nocanpo October 22, 2006
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