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A hairstyle worn by sraight guys who act gay, and just plain gay guys. It is a combination of the word "Homo", short for "Homosexual", and "Over", as in "Comb-over." It is usually characterised by long, blonde or red hair, swept to a side slightly and covers up one eye, similar to an emover or a way a girl wears her hair straight. It is usually acheived when a person forgets to get a hair cut (or refuses to) for a long amount of time.
David: "Hey Zach!, Max's hair looks so gay."
Zach: "Yeah, I know. We should come up with a name for it!"
David: "Hmmmm... How about homover!"
Zach: "wow your a genius"
by NinjaDoo April 01, 2009
A full frontal "comb over" that comes down to or slightly over the eye brow which for unknown reasons needs to be constantly flicked out of the way when the person with said hairstyle is speaking. See Zac Efron.
Did you see Clay Aiken's hair? He's sporting a full Homover.
by Son Uvv Samm December 22, 2009
Putting way too much gel in your hair and slicking it to one side of your face so that it covers your eye, adding an unnecessary layer of complexity and sadness to your life. see also emo hair.
i can't go to the panic! at the disco concert because my mom bought the wrong product for my homover.
by murDERay December 05, 2007
Someone or something that is said or used in order to conceal one's homosexuality.
"Did you see Bruce's new girlfriend?"
"Yeah, she's a total homover."
by AMowRightNow July 19, 2008
homover- waking up after drinking to much in a homosexual situation; i.e. cuddled up with a man, waking up with a painfull ring or someone "pumping" you.
M - "I woke up with such a homover the other day, Jack was fucking my ass when I woke up"
by sleepingzombie March 30, 2009
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