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A hairstyle worn by sraight guys who act gay, and just plain gay guys. It is a combination of the word "Homo", short for "Homosexual", and "Over", as in "Comb-over." It is usually characterised by long, blonde or red hair, swept to a side slightly and covers up one eye, similar to an emover or a way a girl wears her hair straight. It is usually acheived when a person forgets to get a hair cut (or refuses to) for a long amount of time.
David: "Hey Zach!, Max's hair looks so gay."
Zach: "Yeah, I know. We should come up with a name for it!"
David: "Hmmmm... How about homover!"
Zach: "wow your a genius"
by NinjaDoo April 01, 2009
A tone of voice used to sound homosexual. This is usually obtained when one uses incorrect usage of "I" or "We" in the plural saying "I's" or "We's" respectively. It is also known to sound like a southern accent such as Bruce from the television program "Family Guy." Slirring the "s" is a word is also necessary to achieve the proper tone of the gay voice.
Max: "Those is some biiiiiig man titters!"
Zach: "Max STFU your gay."
David: "What Zach said."
Max: "I'm not gay!"
Zach: "Your too good at the gay voice to not be gay."
David: "What Zach said."
by NinjaDoo June 24, 2009
A "Chingasm" is the extremely fast movement of the chin and/or throat area. Although the causes of chingasms are unclear, it is now confirmed that a loose jaw bone could be the source of a chingasm. A chingasm is mildly painful and attained through an outragous amount of laughter. Chingasms have a semi-fatigueing affect on an individual, leaving them breathless and possibly tired after the climax of the chingasm. If an individual attempts to talk during a chingasm, the words will come out separated, and nearly illegible. It has also been proven that during a chingasm, the chin/throat is moving at such a velocity that low resolution videocameras are not able to capture it.
Alex: "Man, Kaitie had such a hardcore chingasm at lunch today."
David: "Yeah, she has those like every day."
by NinjaDoo June 24, 2009

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