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In my experience, homosexy is an adjective used to describe a homosexual male/males who females find attractive, or heterosexual males who women find attractive who are at the time indulging in a homosexual act.
Ewan McGregor and Jonathan Rhys-Meyers in Velvet Goldmine are extremely homosexy.
by Nezzy June 21, 2004
Adjective describing a man who isn't generally considered attractive by women, but gets lots of attention from gay men. Could also refer to a female who is ignored by straight men but gets noticed by lesbians.
I never meet women at the bar but one time my gay friend took me to his favorite bar, and three different guys offered to spend the night with me. Apparently I'm homosexy, too bad I'm not gay.
by CallMeSteve July 11, 2005
An attractive homosexual individual. (ONLY homosexuals use this word.)
1. Wow, he has very homosexy outlookiness.
2. No sex, no sex, i'm homosexy.
3. I'd like to go anal with that homosexy guy.
by master_of_universe May 11, 2009
when a person is viewed as being attractive or pleasing to the eye by their OWN gender and not by the other gender
Danya: I honestly don't know why he thinks he is so good. He's not even that good looking.
James: What do you mean Harry? He's good looking.
Danya: Really? You think so? Huh, guess he must be homo-sexy
by stileless February 03, 2011
A non homo person/persons who looks stunning and amazying
John luke is homosexy!
by john rizk August 23, 2008
A word used to describe a guy who is attractive to homosexual males.
Ann: That guy over there attracts a lot of gay guys.

John: I know. In other words, he's homosexy.
by funny fellas January 15, 2014
adj. Codie. Male who is secure with his masculinity. Sometimes flirtatious with both sexes, but is heterosexual.
Codie is so homosexy.

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