literally translated from latin as Man Lizard. Often used to refer to a madman throwing knives or leaping building to building through the air.
That Homosaurus sure is Helluva tough!
by Homosaurus March 23, 2004
Top Definition

Any of the Dinosaur species that would seek "partners" of the same gender.It is believed that these gender bending "Lizards"
became infected with otherwise fatal germs or viri that were spread at the time of conjunction,while not instantanious,it would still eventually lead to the extinction of all dinosaurs.

Homosaurus was a carnivorous species of land living dinosaurs.
by Hot Carlz March 03, 2007
nerdy teenagers who think that this is an actual word and have to look it up to either disprove it's actual existance or to find the definition
You are a homosaurus, sarah.
by christboy711folive August 09, 2006
A nerd that a lot of other nerds on a particular gaming message idolize because it was rumored that he once had sex.
Basically any system where lower lifeforms are unable to maintain a link with cooler people so they idolize other, similar nerds in order to compete with the system of their social superiors.
by SteveSux March 26, 2004
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