A homofag is a homosexual Faggot .... HomoFag
I was walking down the street last night and punched john, he turned round and slapped me because he is a right HomoFag.
by Surgeon March 23, 2007
This is a word created to mock idiots like Robert Ballah who would actually use such a word to describe homosexuals. You're being mocked.
U r ghey!? OMG homofag!
by homo fag February 07, 2003
This is an insult or label against homos or faggits that is less-commonly heard, and is usually only said by a small number of people spread out across America.
The format of this word is the contraction of "homosexual" or "homo", and of "faggot", "faggit", or "fag".
May also be pronounced as homuh-fag.
Damn, those liberal hippies sure are a bunch of homofags.
by The Midwestrn Soldier May 01, 2005
first of all the 4th definition is fucking bullshit, furthermore
Homo-fag an extremely gay person, thing midget, or penis, ect ect
U fucked your dad therefore u r a homofag
by jack meoff November 17, 2003
A word used by ignorant people to describe a homosexual man who isnt afraid of all the homophobes out in the world. (dont underestimate homosexual men just because of the way they act.)
... and when he called the guy a homofag he got his fucking ass kicked so bad he was in the hospital for a week.
by a non ignorant person January 30, 2004

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