a gay black dude
you-ay u c wut De'von wuz wearin'
lashea-yea he look like a straight homiesexual
by mamacita19 July 31, 2008
Top Definition
A straight male who recieves oral pleasure from a gay male. But assures you he is straight.
Jordan got head from James, but told him that he has a girlfriend and loves girls completely. He is a Homiesexual.
by Justified August 30, 2005
Annoying white boy who takes trying to be black way to far,his whole life is dedicated to trying to be black , starts to believe it,usually the loudest dumbest of the bunch.usually has a high pitch voice(think Jamie Kennedy in Malibu' most wanted or some of Eminem's voice in some of his early songs),he will do anything to get in good with the black man,even suck his dick if told to.Hangs with a bunch of black guys and thinks he's hard,but doesn't realize he's the laughing stock of the group, and only let him hang because he pays for every thing,gives them rides, bjs and they are fucking his sister,a disgrace to the white and black man , and no longer counts as neither.Simply put a wigger
Homiesexual:Yo homie G what up Little pink willy in DA hizouse U knooow!
Black guy:Oh hell not again
White guy: How are you not embarrassed to be seen with this fool
Black guy:If I wasn't fucking his sister ,I would of shoot this motherfucker a long time ago
Homiesexual:yo my man I'm going back to Africa to get back to my afroamerican roots yall
by Thunderhourse May 10, 2014
1. A man or woman who is openly homosexual, but doesn't throw their sexual orientation in the faces of others, making them still a really chill person to hang out with.
2. One who is sexually attracted to those who partake in gang-related activities
1. Friend #1: Tom's gay? I'm not sure how I feel about that...
Friend #2: Chill, man! He's homiesexual!
2. Diane found Frank to be extremely ugly, but the way he packed a glock really got her going.
by Squatta November 16, 2012
Any type of Gangster or (homie) who displays homosexual tendencies.
Any gangster that wants to "pop a cap" but their wrists are too limp to hold it up. They're a homie sexual
by Archbishop Stronghand April 14, 2009
your gay best friend or a way to refer to men you treat as such
"Hey, hold my purse while we shop."
"Why are you gay-best-friending me?"
"Relax, homiesexual."
by quackgurl00 January 13, 2012
A term to describe a homosexual from a ghetto or hood.
yo did you see that homie-sexual over there? Man he was gay
by big naub April 12, 2011
A man who acts gay with his homies but is otherwise heterosexual
Tom is homie-sexual for Ben, but no one else.
by emmmeoow November 12, 2013
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