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An ascended sentient being of astronomical powers to know about planet alignments. He is the sole survivor of the ancient Homie-Lama race originating from the planet Earth. Little is known about him except the fact that he mysteriously appears on the ship whenever the solar system's planets align.

Homie Lama seems to have some sort of connection with Hohenheim of Light as he is able to look directly at the sun for extended periods of time, while only seeing Hohenheim smiling at him due to his ability to understand light.
Mysterious Homie Lama quotes:

"When all the planets align, homie lama will be on the ship"

"The sun is the ultimate teaching of Hohenheim, when you understand light, you will be granted access to seeing the sun for extended periods of time"

"The current and 8th preacher of Hohenheim, Max Lim, is the only known non-ascended being who understands light and can therefore see the sun. I hereby declare you to be called Max Lim of Light"
by Hohenheim of Light February 02, 2010

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