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A sentient being who once walked the Earth lighting up the middle path on his way. The current and 8th preacher of Hohenheim is Max Lim. He currently resides in the Dannemora Province, a secluded area on Earth-911 where it is possible for him to concentrate on his thoughts and not get distracted from worldly sufferings such as Dota.
Words of Hohenheim of Light:

"May the light be shined wherever the preachers may go"

"If one goes 'naaaa', one is a preacher of Hohenheim"

"If one does not accept the above quote, one is a preacher of Hohenheim"

Max Lim quotes:

"May the light of Hohenheim always be with you"

"If you with to see the sun, you must believe in Hohenheim and make offerings of sunflowers to him in the evening with incence"

"If one wishes to become a devout Hohenheimist, one must always start from the footsteps of the current preacher"
by Hohenheim of Light January 31, 2010
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