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A group of people (usually less than 5) that tends to win all games, events, or arguments. "root root root for the hometeam". The hometeam also, usually, enjoys each others company and prefers to hang out with other members of the hometeam. Hometeams are typically mixed gender. Hometeams are rare and usually the only name for the group. No other group names can be used in addition to hometeam (ex: wolfpack, dream team, the crew, etc.).
uhmm hometeam.
#home #team #group #clique #friends
by Redrose14 August 04, 2010
Miami, FL term

Def. 1: referring to an ex or significant other as "hometeam" when conversing with them, with a nonchalant attitude and sometimes as though there was never any intimacy between the two.

Def. 2: Someone you know from around the way with whom your familiar with and who won't be disrespected when called the name.
Ex "Why you worried about it hometeam? It don't have nothing to do with you"

Ex. "Dats messed up how u did that hometeam"
#buddy #homeboy #homegirl #homie #ex
by Dade Chic February 05, 2010
A term often used to describe some one who is a homosexual.

The home team in a sporting event.
Josh: Did you hear Taylor is batting for the Home team?

Tyler: Yeah it didn't surprise me when he came out and become gay.
#gay #homosexual #baseball #taylor #sports
by BigFISH2000000000 April 02, 2011
a group of homosexuals from the same georaphical area
I saw the hometeam heading to the club.
by VOORHIES August 19, 2003
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