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Homestuck is a webcomic thingie; look it up because it's already on this website.

So! There are times you are watching Homestuck, times you are reading Homestuck, and occasionally you are playing Homestuck. So what are you doing? You're Homestucking.

This does not apply to Homestuck exclusively. If you find yourself wondering whether you are reading, watching, or playing something...well, bro, you're Homestucking.

past tense: Homestucked
present tense: Homestucking
future tense: will Homestuck

noun- Homestucker
Natalie: so, why didn't you text me back?

Gabby: sorry, I was reading...er, watching...uh, playing...I WAS HOMESTUCKING!

Natalie: you should put that on UrbanDictionary.com...
by Homestucker_Gabby September 12, 2011