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Too sexy (in an overweight, balding, unintelligent, fish-eyed, yellow-skinned sort of way). Typically used ironically.
Maud: Hey Betty, whatcha doin?
Betty: Looking at some Homererotic photos I found in my husbands' closet.
Maud: Oh my gosh! Aren't you concerned?
Betty: Concerned? Heck no. It's just a bunch of shots of him doing keg stands in his boxer shorts with his other fat hunting buddies.

Maud: Mmmmm, donut.
#homer #simpsons #dead sexy #fat #hideous #lazy #i'm married to it #gut #fat bastard
by poetcetera November 10, 2010
the act of a kwijibo getting half-naked and having pictures taken of him
let's get homer-erotic!
#homer #simpson #homererotic #the simspons #kwijibo
by wedge86 July 29, 2006
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