Term came into existence as a honorific after Larry Holmes defeated Gerry "The Great White Hope" Cooney, in spectacular fashion in 1982. Larry Holmes, a dominant heavyweight champion, won his first 48 professional fights Its orgin has no reference to Sherlock Holmes, John Holmes, or homeboy. It has come to be used in place homeboy, or just as a term for a stranger ie Jack or Buddy.
What's up holmes?
by Dedan September 25, 2008
The best last name ever. Unless people continually call you "Sherlock" or say, "What's up Holmes?"
Person 1: "What's your name?"
Person 2: "Meagan Holmes."
Person 1: "What's up Holmes. Hey, are you related to Sherlock?"
Person 2: *dear God* "He's fictional."
Person 1: "No way!"
Person 2: mumbling "Jesus Christ, you're thick."
by doodledooooooooooooo October 03, 2010
1) A very cool person
2) A nice person
3) A second term of the word "Homie"
"My mom is the holmes!"
"Dude. You are totally the holmes!"
"The bitch is the holmes!"
by McLoViN BiTcH July 10, 2008
1. in referance to Sherlock holmes
calling someone a smart ass or an insult in calling someone whehn they are trying to act smart and point out the ovious
2. sexy old neighbor somewhat a wigger but nonetheless a good guy with a hot superman ring.
3. slang What you could call a friend, a stranger, or use a mocking someone for being differnet
4. sarcastic comment calling someone a smart ass
-thanks holmes (sarcastic)
-ya shut up wattson

-sup holmes?
-nm wat bout u?
-nuffin g2g tho c ya home slice
-pc easy
by sexybitch March 01, 2005
1. A word used to call your friend. First started in the 1990's, most commonly featured in the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

2. The guy who goes out of their way to be a douchebag. Most commonly found in the city of Guelph.

What up holmes?

Douchebag? You mean Holmes?
by pr0n0 August 13, 2006
Misspelling of "homes," which is a shortening of "homeboy."
Person 1: Whassup, holmes?
Person 2: You're an idiot.
by doug3456576 May 21, 2007
A derogatory term meaning a big dick. After John Holmes the porn star. Usually confused with "homes" short for home boy or homey.
Used as an inside joke with a person who is a pest. "What's up Holmes?" Instead of "What's up you big dick?"
by Ghost of Holmes August 01, 2005

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