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One of the most sarcastic guys you'll ever meet. They tend to be very handsome and down to Earth. They hate girl drama. They are very athletic and while they may be smart they tend to procrastinate and do the bare minimum to get by. Holden is one of the funniest guys, that can always make you smile. A girl is extremely lucky to catch a Holden.
Friend1: He's good at everything
Friend2: Well yeah his name is Holden.

A girl will wish she'll be "Holden" his hand.
by #oh_you*know November 29, 2011
A sweet guy that seduces every girl he talks to. It's hard to control yourself once you've exchanged looks with those gorgeous brown eyes. Very athletic and really smart. A good catch if you can get him. (:
Holden and I had a great time last night! He was so polite and asked me to be his girlfriend!
by Beautiful_Blondie October 23, 2011
A child that is born with supreme power, and everyone that isn't Holden is automaticlly a phony
Ugh Batman is such a non-Holden; he doesn't even have any powers
by Gaylord Faulker the III December 03, 2010
if you ever meet a Holden, hold on to him. (pun not intended.)

A Holden will treat you like a princess, and make sure you know exactly how important you are, and exactly how much he loves you. He will sneak shy glances at you while you do your homework, and when you catch him he will give you the sweetest smile and shake his head. He will tell you he's lucky to have you and that he doesn't deserve you- but oh, my gosh, you are the lucky one. A Holden will love you in ways you don't understand, and will love everything you hate about yourself. A Holden will be honest, and never tell you a single lie. He will never turn his back on you, and will never stay mad at you for longer than a day.

so, if you are ever lucky enough to know a Holden, you don't let go of him. you keep him and you love him as much as he loves you. you tell him how special he is and how important he is to you. because once he's gone, there's a hole in your heart you may never be able to replace.
"does Holden like you?"
"I don't know!"
"believe me, he'll let you know soon enough."
by the girl who let go September 10, 2013
Iconic australian motor vehical. Early models of Holden including HG, HK, HJ,& HQ are well sort after especialy in the four door sedan (GTS) or two door coupe (Monaro & GTS Monaro). The HQ - HZ holden panel van (Sandman) Had a cult following during the 70's that continues today. During the 80's Holden introduced the commodore as there main production vehical.
This is were the holden name went down hill. See commodore for examples.
Check out the holden Manaro/GTS/Pano thats nice as.
Hey look another crap V6 commodore with a "SS" bodykit.
by D'Ville April 29, 2006
australian car company that are being cheap bastards by importing their parts from china, while in australia, hard working men and women lose their jobs because of these fuckwits. so much for them being a true blue aussie car company that we can trust, at the moment they deserve to fucking die.
man: bloody hell, i got sacked because of those fucking cheap ass holden shitheads importing their shit from china. they all deserve to FUCKING DIE!!!!
by Alpha Badrem April 09, 2006
A lovechild between an American man and Polish woman. It is usually a boy and is often a gifted musician with a great sense of humor and incredible intelligence.
Did you see Holden at the Symphony last night? Damn that kid can play the Violin!

Holden is a demi-god, straight up demi-god.

Holden was so funny at the Improv, I laughed my ass off!
by penpal21 March 09, 2010
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