The company was founded in 1856 as a saddlery business, but later moved into the automotive field, becoming a subsidiary of General Motors (GM) in 1931. Making Car Chassis for sale to ford. Thats right Holden made chassis for ford because they couldn't make them strong enough to hold their shitty heavy motors. {{ Wikipedia reference }} J.A. Holden founded a new company in 1919, Holden's Motor Body Builders Ltd (HMBB) specialising in car bodies. By 1923, HMBB were producing 12,000 units per year.4 During this time, HMBB was the first company to assemble bodies for Ford Australia.

Because holden kick ass at everything you ford fans can go back to america where you belong. Besides we all know that toymota (toyota) is the shittiest car on the market. THEY ARE NOT RELIABLE.
Smart guy, Ford Suck Holden Rule
Some brain dead fool, Duhhhhh?!? Ford Duh? Rule. Drools

A regular fool, My Toyota broke down the other day, I thought they were good.
by terrykennedy August 21, 2009
True aussie car brand, making cars for everyone from the bogan (old utes) to the revhead (monaro). commonly used for burnouts with their V8 power!
me: wow did you see that holden?
hot babe: yeah pretty sweet aye
me: yeah.
hot babe: wanna fuck?
me: yeah.
by Chrismeister September 04, 2005
Term given to a rent boy who spends most of the day masturbating and playing quake live.
Other habits Holden's have are to load gay wallpapers onto their Desktops and blame someone else close by.
Holden toad humpers
by Ars'n Smell July 22, 2010
A male who is commonly a little bitch who does not have enough balls to stick up for himself because he has a irregular birth mark in the genital area of the body!!!!!
"whats that white spot on your dick holden?"
by tom_harvey February 06, 2010
Generally refers to people of a particular "breed". Often born with freakish tendancies and mutantising social skills.

The action refers to any lower class aggresive/socially inept form of running away
Oh shit, that sket standing in the corner over there is such a holden!!!!!

Youv just done a holden!
by Teamin March 19, 2008
a person that is extremely gay and touches lil kids as known as a homo
Woah look at that holden hes already touchin some new kids!
by Kobrais5 February 26, 2007

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