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a crapy car company that can not even make there own cars so they rebadge other european cars and put on their own badge on it and use other company engines in other company vehicles and call it there own
holden vl commodores are vauxhauls with nissan engines, vn commodores are vauxhaul with buick engines, old barinas are suzuki swifts
by invisible man January 31, 2008
A slang term for a person holding contraband
"Hey man are you holden'?
by Chris Olobri March 15, 2005
Like, omg, wtf, so the sex.
^_^ Hi I love you <3.
by Who dja think...^_^ March 04, 2005
An Australian car brand, now a subsidaray of GM motor corp. Renouned in Australia for their high power outputs and reliability. Holden produces a variety of cars, the most common of which is the Commodore, the most popular and best selling car in Australia for the past 20 years. Holden is also well known for its dominance over Ford in every type of competition, weather it be the sacred title of Bathurst or a backyard burnout competition.
Did you see my Commodore smoking up all those Fords the other day? We dominated those peices of crap like Holden dominates Ford at Bathurst.
by w00taki September 26, 2005
Aussie car company that was bought out by GM. Then they got fucked by having Daewoos in their line up. All of the cars are good looking, and perform good with the exception of the:
Holden Barina (Daewoo Kalos)
Holden Viva (Daewoo Lacetti)
Holden Epica (Daewoo Tosca)
1: "My Holden broke down"
2: "How the fuck does that happen?"
1: "I dont know. All I know is that my Holden Epica is at the shop right now."
2: "Oh. Youre driving a Daewoo. Thats why."
1: "Damn. I knew i shulve bought the Commodore."
2: "Dont worry about it. The same thing happened when I bought a Holden Viva."
by Sum Random Shit December 30, 2007
Common term for a boy who wastes his day masturbating to cheap asian porn while watching the brady bunch.
Wow, that kid is such all a holden. Its amazing he actually has a girlfriend thats not asian
by Koolaid3 November 16, 2010
An Acronym for:
Heavy,Oil,Leaks,Dead,Engine,Noises which are a common occurences in the much anticepated and now somewhat maligned 5.7L V8 Generation 3 GM Motor that was imported from the U.S and of which approximately 2000 of had severe piston slap due to faulty workmanship and parts. However the problem was more compounded with unsuspecting owners when the Holden Motor Company decided to try and wash their hands of them problem by issuing Service Bulletins that stated they would only fix the said Holdens at fault which went thru more than 5litres of Oil in a 1000 km period. This made Holden owners jump camp in frustration and buy Cars from the rival Ford Motor Company
Person1:"Hey Bill look at that Cheap SS 1999 SS Commodore for sale at that Caryard!"
Person 2 " Mate I wouldn't touch that POS Holden as it is most likely got one of those dodgy Gen 3 motors in it!!"
by ZuluSNyper June 05, 2005