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When something or someone has the potential to be a hoe.
Val : Look at my Halloween costume!
Erika: There's definite hoetential there, just lose the excess clothing!
by WickedLittleGirls October 21, 2009
When a good girl starts hanging out with bad boys.
Guy 1 "Yo son you see Emily walking around with them Daisy Dukes?"
Guy 2 "Fo who my nigga, she got hoetential"
Guy1 "What chu saying tho?"
Guy 2 "Im just saying shawty used to be a good girl and now she hanging with them thugs!"
by Yessi February 14, 2014
Derogatory for a younger girl who has potential to become a hoe.
It's a shame her daughter has hoetential.

Did you see the hoetential on her?
by Yellow flash August 20, 2013
the percentage of a girl being a hoe
what's the hoetential at this party
by fuck yo couch June 08, 2014